11th February 2008 editorial

Just a few words to say that, as you noticed, three years after its birth, this website is seldom updated.
The idea of creating this website was merely to have at least one space devoted to Epoch of Unlight, and gather informations about the band, at a time when EOU official website was closed and the band did not have a MySpace page yet.

Therefore this site will remain with the same old layout, and be updated once in a while, when EOU announces any major events.
A new album is coming up this year, containing "Of Feral Eyes" revisited.

I'm not much in touch with the band actually, I guess we all are busy, but I'm curious about the new album, and I'm sure EOU will be back with something very interesting.

One thing I wanna say is: "Caught in the Unlight!" is still the best extreme metal album i have ever heard.
It surprises myself, four years after I discovered Epoch of Unlight, this album still delivers a magic touch to me, there's not a single thing I'd like to remove from it, it's a unique experience, and I wish more people could understand the magic melodic power that Epoch of Unlight created with this album.

I'm even more surprised about what I feel for this album, coz I'm not much into fast tempo metal, brutal stuff, death metal genres, etc. that's to say actually that my favorite composer is Serguei Rachmaninov, and my favorite band is Saviour Machine...totally opposed to Epoch of Unlight? Not that much. They all found their own way to express the magic power.

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