Within The Night...
  Of Feral Eyes                                            Full Mp3 - 5020Kb
  Denubrum                                          Sample - 627Kb
Black And Crimson Glory
  Silver Mistress                                 Full Mp3 - 4950Kb
What Will Be Has Been
  Ad Infinitum                                    Full Mp3 - 4420Kb
  The Day The Light Hath Died            Full Mp3 - 4290Kb
  Burning As One                                  Sample - 1390Kb
  Crimson Might (And Glory)                Sample - 1060Kb
Unreleased demo - 2000
  Return To Eidolon                              Sample - 2130Kb
Caught In The Unlight!   Caught In The Unlight                        Full Mp3 - 3840Kb
  Crimson And Steel                                Sample - 1100Kb
  Hounds Of Tindalos                             Sample - 1150Kb
Unreleased video clip
  Ululant Cries (copy and paste the link into your browser)
  Video MPEG - 15.4Mb

 Please note that Brian Anderson (vocal) and Allan Burcham (guitar) are on this video but were never a real part of the band.
Split 7"
  Raped by the Light of Christ               Full Mp3 - 936Kb
The Continuum Hypothesis
  Aberrant Shadows                             Full Mp3 - 4980Kb
  Highgate                                             Sample - 1030Kb
  Broken Pendulum                                       Sample - 728Kb
  Quicksilver To Ash                                     Sample - 921Kb

Ululant Cries - unreleased video clip

At The Treshold Of Might - live in Larado, Texas. Filmed by Georges Hancock

The Continuum Hypothesis - live in San Francisco